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New Life: Symbolic Meditations on the Birth of Christ Within


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New Life: Symbolic Meditations on the Birth of Christ Within offers insights into Biblical scriptures related to the theme of new life and the seasons of Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany. These meditations will inspire and lead you to reflect on your inner connection to your larger Self, or the God Within, promoting your spiritual growth.

Enhance your understanding of the book with a guided journey toward the birth of Christ within!

Self-directed course includes:

  • 7 videos 
  • 12 supplementary materials over a 4-week curriculum featuring reflections on:
    • Hope and Expectancy
    • Love
    • Joy
    • Peace and Purity 
  • Work/Play Sheets for each daily meditation
  • Live Zoom circle launch with Kathleen and other members Sunday, November 27, 2022, 5-6 pm ET 
  • Additional Zoom check-ins based on circle membership

BONUS: Simultaneously register for Essential Embodiment Practices (to begin Dec. 21) and receive a free autographed copy of New Life: Symbolic Meditations on the Birth of Christ Within.

Email Kathleen at [email protected]  with any questions.
New Life: Symbolic Meditations on the Birth of the Christ Within

Kathleen Wiley is a Jungian Psychoanalyst, LMFT, LCMHC and former Director of Christian Education. Her work empowers people to live out of a conscious relationship to God Within. Her writings on the scriptures explore them from a symbolic perspective as pictures of how psyche works.

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