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Online Sacred Circles

Essential Embodiment Practices

Next circle starts December 2021.

Cultivate six body-focused practices designed to increase conscious awareness and healthy relationship to yourself.

  • Body awareness:  Develop sensitivity and self-awareness of subtle sensations, emotions, feelings, and impulses.
  • Relaxation: Facilitate the flow of your essence.
  • Rhythmic breathing: Influence and channel the energies that flow through you.
  • Mind awareness: Develop the part of your  psyche that sees and observes your thoughts and how they affect your body.
  • Concentration: Place your attention where it's needed to develop your authentic self.
  • Developing the will: Align with your life force’s flow.


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Fundamental Embodiment Processes

December 21, 2021-June 21, 2022

Open only to members of Essential Embodiment Practices.

Building on the Essential Embodiment Practices, we'll consciously dance with the alchemical processes of individuation:

  • Calcination: The Drying Out of Volatile Emotions and Erroneous Beliefs
  • Congelation: Creative Imagination Yields New Patterns and Forms
  • Fixation: Right Relationship Between Levels of Consciousness
  • Separation: A New Definition of Self
  • Digestion: Integrating Our Experiences
  • Distillation: Accessing the Essence

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Online Companion to New Life: Symbolic Meditations on the Birth of Christ Within

This guided journey toward the birth of Christ within includes 7 videos with 12 supplementary materials over a 4-week curriculum featuring reflections on:

  • Hope and Expectancy
  • Love
  • Joy
  • Peace and Purity

Work/Play Sheets for each daily meditation.

Live Zoom launch with Kathleen and circle on November 28, 2021.


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